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Flexible Tube Connectors

When your application requires custom, highly durable, and industrial quality flexible connectors and flexible transitions, Custom Advanced has the exact products you need. The flexible tube connectors and flexible transitions from Custom Advanced were designed to work in a range of applications, reduce down time, and come with a wide variety of accessories so each job becomes a custom piece of work.

  • Sewn Sleeves & Socks

    Sewn Sleeves & Socks

    There are many options available to custom fit your specific application needs.

  • Rubber Boots

    Rubber Boots

    We offer a wide variety of boots for your specific application needs.

  • Bellows


    Our corrugated connectors/bellows are extremely high quality and available in durable materials suited to your specific application.

  • Rubber Coated Nylon Sleeves

    Rubber Coated Nylon Sleeves

    Rubber Coated Nylon sleeves are an industry standard, but RCN is only one of many fabrics available to you.

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