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Oilfield Production Equipment

The oil industry relies on key components to keep its operations running smoothly. At Custom Advanced Connections, we're committed to providing reliable, affordable parts that will stand the test of time, regardless of the challenges or rigors associated with a particular project.

For three decades, we've served our valued clients by providing highly durable, industrial-grade machined plastics for a variety of oilfield applications. Our years of experience have given us a clear understanding of the challenges that face our oilfield clients, who work under extreme conditions in difficult and diverse environments.

Oilfield Pump Gaskets & Body Seals

Over the years, we've attained a well-earned reputation for delivering a wide array of standard and custom machined parts for a variety of maintenance and valve and pump manufacturing operations. We're your one-stop source for top-quality machined plastic materials, whether you need O-rings, pump gaskets, valve gaskets, body seals, lantern rings, v-packing sets, valve seats or something else altogether.

By providing high volume plastics and custom one-off prototyping work, we're able to meet virtually any of our clients' unique needs, regardless of the order size or specifications. At Custom Advanced Connections, we specialize in delivering superior oilfield components that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. We're also dedicated to providing courteous, attentive customer service for every single client, big or small.

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