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Food Preparation & Processing

From production to farming to distribution and packaging, the food prep and handling industry is committed to satisfying the needs of hungry consumers. At Custom Advanced Connections, we help companies meet their goals by delivering premium machines plastics and industrial processing equipment that enhances production and quality control.

By providing an array of separation solutions for a variety of different processes, we're able to meet the unique demands of all our customers, whether they need separators to assist with processing of juice, cereal, shrimp or any other type of edible product.

Our separators are found in food plants throughout the world, because our clients appreciate the quality of our stainless steel processing equipment and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Meeting Global Regulations

At Custom Advanced Connections, we understand and adhere to stringent FDA and USDA requirements, as well as the UK Food Safety Act and the EC Official Controls of Foodstuffs Directive. These regulations create the need for top-quality, specialized food sieving equipment, and we meet those demands by delivering superior industrial separators each and every time.

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