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Nitrile Tubing & BUNA-N Tubing

Nitrile Tubing

Nitrile and BUNA-N tubing provided by Custom Advanced Connections can withstand a range of conditions in order to suit your specific application. Nitrile / BUNA-N is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has excellent physical properties, however its claim to fame is based on its resistance to water, petroleum products and fuels. In the white formulation it is 3A rated. Useful temperature range is -40⪚ F to +220° F.

Chemical Resistance Calculator

Physical Properties of Nitrile Tubing

Durometer Hardness, Shore A, 15s65
Max. Operating Tempertaure °C(°F)100(212)
Tensile Strength psi (M Pa)1160(8)
Ultimate Elongation %600
Tensile Set %30
Tear Resistance lb. f/in. (kN/m)100(17.5)
Compression Set**Constant Deflection, B64
Brittle Temperature-10°C(-14°F)
Specific Gravity1.45
Water Absorption %.81

Visit our chemical resistance guide to learn more about the specific properties of nitrile.

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