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Corrugated Shaker & Tubing Boots

corrugated shaker boots

Our accordion style corrugated boots are designed to be in conjunction with gyratory and vibratory equipment. They are molded in a variety of high quality compounds to suit your specific application requirements. We have included a chemical resistance chart to assist you in choosing the compound that best fits your needs.

  • Style “A” boots are 10-3/4” long. They are molded in 4”, 6”, 8” & 10” diameters. They are designed to stretch-fit over single beaded rings, engaging a ¼” bead for quick installation. Fits Rotex-style screeners
  • Style “B” boots are 12” long. They are molded in 6” & 8” diameters. They are designed to fits over a straight pipe or flange. They are most often attached with hose clamps. This style is commonly used on circular vibratory separators.

Available Compounds

  • Black Natural
  • White Natural - Food Grade
    Natural rubber has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength
  • Black Neoprene
  • White Neoprene - Food Grade
    Neoprene is highly resistant to fats, oils, weather & ozone
  • Red Silicone
  • Translucent Silicone - Food Grade
    Silicone does well in applications with higher temperatures, weather, oxidation & ozone.
  • Black EPDM
  • White EPDM

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