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Industrial Hoses & Ducting

Custom Advanced manufactures and distributes a wide variety of hoses and ducting products. We specialize in custom applications and can build hoses and ducting that best suit your specifications. Our large inventory of industrial hoses and ducting also makes it possible for us to respond quickly, if time is an important issue for you. We offer industrial hoses and ducting for everything from material handing, A/C ventilation, to exhaust fume handing.

  • Material Handling Hoses

    Material Handling Hoses

    Flamex, Flamex H, Flamex SL, Clip Pur, Pur H, and PVC-H is just the short list of material handling hoses and ducting we offer.

  • A/C Ventilation Hoses

    A/C Ventilation Hoses

    We offer a variety of clip A/C ventilation hoses, ranging from Clip-Pe, Clip-Pur, Clip-Spark Clip-Vinyl-EC and so much more.

  • Medium to High Temp. Hoses

    Medium to High Temp. Hoses

    We carry hoses built to withstand medium to high temperatures such as Clip-Car, HT-1200, Hypalon, Vinyl-EC, Neoprene and more.

  • Exhaust Fume Ducting

    Exhaust Fume Ducting

    Alleviate dangerous fumes with our range of exhaust fume ducting including CarFlex 350, Loose Lined Hose, Kapton, and more.

  • Chemical Fume Ducting

    Chemical Fume Ducting

    We supply ducting for chemical fumes with products like Hypalon, a range of Teflon products and Viton ducting.

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