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ROTEX Replacement Screens

Replacement Rotex Screens

If high O.E.M. prices have you down, you’ve come to the right place. Custom Advanced Connections, Inc. offers a full line of quality replacement ROTEX screens and accessories to handle your Rotex® or Sprout® rectangular gyratory separator requirements. Whether you’re looking for a single part or an entire screener we are here to assist you with your needs.

You will find a number of replacement ROTEX screens that we offer, below. In addition to replacemnet ROTEX screens, Custom Advanced offers Rotex accessories including: 

Replacement ROTEX Screen Accessories

  • Replacement Rotex Screens
  • Wood Frame
  • Top Covers
  • Spacer Frame
  • Carbon Blocks
  • Slide Plates
  • Crankpins
  • Gear Boxes
  • Drag Link Assemblies
  • Pinion & Ring Gears
  • Pinion Shafts
  • Clamping Sleeves
  • Plug-In Seal Strip
  • Felt Seal Strip
  • Rubber Brushings
  • Spring Tension Clips
  • Lock Nuts & Washers
  • Corrugated Boots
  • Screen Cleaning Balls
  • Sewn Connector Sleeves
  • Seamless Rubber Tubing / Boots
  • Clear Polyurethane Tubing


If you do not see the part you are looking for below, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you find what you need.


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