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Refurbished Screens & Separators

Custom Advanced Connections has decades of cumulative experience refurbishing and repairing Sweco™ Screeners; Midwestern™ Screeners, and TEA™ Screeners and separators. There's simply no reason to pay list price for a new screener or sifter, when a fully-warranted, refurbished Sweco™ type sieve will do the job. Contact us today to receive a quote for refurbished industrial screeners and sifters!

Refurbishment Process

Before we make our quality rebuilt Sweco™ screeners available to our valued customers, we employ a meticulous upgrade and repair process. No reconditioned or refurbished Sweco™ screen leaves our facility until it receives a thorough motor check and overhaul; and, every one of our reconditioned Sweco™ sifters comes with a full one-year motor warranty. Additionally, we provide complete stainless steel Sweco™ frame repair, replacement Sweco™ clamp bands, food-grade nylon spring spools, new stainless steel springs, along with blasted, primed, and painted carbon steel bases and motor tables.

At Custom Advanced Connections, we stock Sweco™ 2-1/2 horse-power, and 5 horse-power motors, flex boots, clamp bands, Sweco™ style automatic screen de-blinding kits and dust cover kits for Sweco™ screeners in sizes 18”, 24", 30", 36”, 40", 48", 60", & 72” diameters. We also maintain stock of factory new and reconditioned Sweco™ distributing frames, Sweco™ spacing frames and stainless steel Sweco™ table frames for 18” through 72" diameter.

In addition to other products and services, we provide the following:

  • Refurbished Sweco™ Style Screeners
  • On-Site Screener Service, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repairs
  • All Refurbished Screeners are complete with two-part epoxy finish on all carbon steel components
  • We offer full One-Year Motor Warranties for our Rebuilt Sweco™ Motors
  • All replacement springs are stainless steel
  • Normal parts and components are available to Refurbish Screeners in 18”, 24", 30", 36”, 40” 48", 60", and 72” diameters
  • We bead–blast all stainless steel frame weldments to avoid possible product cross contamination
  • Refurbished Accessories include Dust Cover Kits; Extra Frame Weldments; Flex Boots– all sizes, lengths, and materials, and De–Blinding Kits
  • All Refurbished Sweco™ Separators are available to ship fully assembled with your choice of a mesh screen, plus all accessories

Trust Custom Advanced Connections to deliver your next refurbished or reconditioned Sweco™ separator. We also provide application assistance, in-house troubleshooting and repairs.

Contact us today to talk to a representative from Custom Advanced
or call us at (888) 810-2666.