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Rubber & Polyurethane De-Blinding Balls

polyurethane deblinding balls

Build-up or “blinding” on vibrating screens is a maintenance nightmare. It causes a decrease in productivity and adds to unnecessary downtime. To alleviate this unwanted headache we offer screen cleaning balls in a variety of high quality compounds to suit your specific application requirements. We have included a chemical resistance chart to assist you in choosing the compound that best fits your needs.

Available Polyball Diameters:

5/8", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-3/8", 1-5/8" & 2"

Available Polyball Compounds:

  • Polyurethane – food grade Extremely chemical and abrasion resistant. Has tremendous wear life. Optimum rebound / maximum cleaning action.
  • Black natural
  • White natural – food grade Natural rubber has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength.
  • Black neoprene
  • White neoprene – food grade Neoprene is highly resistant to fats, oils, weather & ozone
  • Black EPDM - Good weather, ozone and abrasion resistance. Wide temperature range.
  • Pink Buna-N / Nitrile Comparable to neoprene, but offers slightly better abrasion resistance.
  • Translucent silicone – food grade Silicone does well in applications with higher temperatures. It is resistant to oxidation & ozone.

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