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Water Discharge Hoses

Custom Advanced Connections provides water discharge hoses for a variety of applications. They also offer heavy duty suction hoses, washdown hoses, and pressure hoses depending upon your requirements.

Heavy Duty Water Discharge

Water Discharge Hose with old fashioned ruggedness; solidly build for dewatering mining works, building construction sites, open-pit mining purposes, dewatering water clogged subways and for Water dispensing and water transferring from city sewers.

Construction Water Discharge Hose

Easy to use lightweight lay flat water discharge hose with easy handling and portable. Recommended for portable low pressure pumps which can be used for city flooding water discharge, small and light irrigation requirements and home and building construction site needs.

Heavy Duty Water Suction

A flexible water suction hose, for multipurpose and strong for the toughest jobs at the construction sites. Appropriate for both diaphragm or centrifugal pumps ideal for city municipalities for transferring sewers during flooding conditions.

Potable Water Discharge

A tube which meets the FDA requirements builds with clean and smooth white synthetic rubber. Mainly used for temporary hook ups during water line maintenance and transferring portable water distribution.

Washdown Hose for Paper Mill

Washable Hose with green cover flexible and non kinking which can be used for wet end of machines which make paper. A high quality Rubber Nozzle product for protecting Fournier wire.

Hot water resistant pressure hose

Flexible and non kinking wash down hose primary used for food processing plants, soft drink bottling and cheese factories. Hot water hose with FDA approval can withstand hot water resistance up to 180 degree F with natural rubber nozzles.

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