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Machined Marine Plastics

Custom Advanced Connections specializes in providing a broad selection of weather- and water- resistant components that are ideally suited for marine applications. By delivering custom one-off prototyping work and high volume plastics, we're well-equipped to meet just about any specific need, regardless of the size of an order or any unique specifications.

Water-Resistant Plastic Components

For 30 years, we've served our loyal customers by delivering superior, highly-durable machined marine plastics that are manufactured to last, even when conditions are extreme. During this time, we've developed a well-earned reputation for providing the industry’s finest custom and standard machined parts, which are specifically designed to meet the high demands of marine applications.

At Custom Advanced Connections, we specialize in delivering affordable, top-quality marine and watercraft components that are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of each particular customer. We're also committed to providing attentive, courteous customer support, whether you have timely questions, concerns or an emergency order. When you work with us, you can expect focused, personalized attention, because we value all of our clients the same, whether they run a large organization or a small up-and-coming enterprise.

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