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Stock Hoses

Custom Advanced carries a large selection of stock hoses that can be used for a variety of applications. For example, our Pliovic® hose has multiple applications including use in the food, beverage, and air industries. Unsure of which hose is right for your application? Contact Custom Advanced today and we will gladly help you choose the ideal hose.

Product Hose Name Description
hose flextra Gray Flextra LT Lightweight, flexible hose used for transferring edibles in gravity flow, pressure or suction service.
HI-Per HI-PER® Premium chemical hose with a Teflon® liner(FDA compliant), capable of handling materials up to 300° F and up to 500 PSI(1/2" I.D.) working pressure.
nutriflex hose Nutriflex® Static Wire Clear, corrugated, PVC construction with embedded static wire in the helix. Compliant for FDA, 3A and USDA standards
nutriflo hose Nutriflo® Clear, PVC construction with all applicable FDA, 3A, and USDA compliance's. Available in Clear or White Helix. Smooth cover for easier clamping.
plicord blue hose Plicord® Blue Flour Tank truck and/or in-plant DISCHARGE hose used to transfer dry, foodstuffs (3/16" gauge, white, Pureten® tube). Two static wires.
plicord brewline hose Plicord® Brewline Discharge hose used transfer non-oily liquids in breweries and wineries. Handles vacuum up to 20" Hg. White, chlorobutyl tube (FDA compliant).
plicord gray food hose Plicord® Gray Food Highly flexible, tank truck and/or in-plant hose to transfer edible food stuffs. FDA, 3-A and USDA compliant.
Pliovic FG Pliovic® FG (FDA-3A) A versatile, lightweight, reinforced tubing for the food and beverage industries, general air, multi-purpose applications, with FDA, 3A, and USDA compliance.
tan flextra hose Tan Flextra® For use as a CHEMICAL hose, resistant to acids, alcohol bases and salt solutions or as a non-oily, DRY BULK MATERIAL HANDLING hose. Tan Pureten® tube (FDA compliant). Corrugated, wrapped impression cover.
white flextra hose White Flextra Lightweight, flexible food hose used to transfer oily and non-oily edibles. White, corrugated cover. FDA, USDA and 3A compliant.
white flexwig White Flexwing® Premium food transfer hose for suction/pressure service in transferring oily and non-oily foodstuffs. FDA, USDA and 3A compliant.
Sanitary Tri-Clamp Female Bevel Seat
Sanitary Tri-Clamp female bevel seat
Male Bevel Seat Female I-Line
male bevel seat female I-line
Male I-Line Mini Sanitary
male I-Line mini sanitary

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