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Custom & Specialty Hoses

Custom Advanced offers many custom & specialty hoses. Our specialty hoses serve a variety of industries, from oil & gas to transportation. If you are interested in pricing or would like more information on any of our hoses, please feel free to request a quote or contact us.

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Specialty Hoses We Offer

Fiberglass Stem

The fiberglass stem hose was designed with a fiberglass tire cord reinforcement for steam applications up to 100 psi. Used in and around electrical installations, in electro-plating factories and other industries where a non conductive hose is essential for safety reasons.

Hot Tar and Asphalt Hose

Used by road repair crews for applying hot liquid tar to road cracks on roadways. Also used by roofing contractors and petroleum companies to transport hot tar.

Petroleum Discharge

Soft wall petroleum discharge hose used for unloading or loading under pressure or gravity flow. Ease of handling makes this hose ideal when portability is required. Ideal for gas, diesel fuel, hydraulic oils and other petroleum products.

Drop Hose

This hose designed for use by tank trucks with gravity drop unloading of gasoline at service Stations. A lightweight extremely flexible hose, even during cold weather. Suitable for temperatures minus 40° F to plus 150° F.

Tankwagon Hose

Designed for loading and unloading railcars, truck tankers, at refineries under pressure. A flexible hose with smooth cover to minimize friction drag. Suitable for temperatures from minus 40° F to 150° F.

Vapor Recovery

A lightweight very flexible hose used in exhausting or recycling gas and oil vapors from trucks and tankers during loading and unloading of petroleum products.

Hot Air Blower

Very Flexible hose made with EPDM compound and fiberglass reinforcement to ensure continued resistance to high temperatures of compressors on dry bulk cement, bulk flour trucks etc. Special helix wires embedded to maximize flexibility. For use with air only, not designed to convey hot water or other materials.

Radiator Hose

Many oddball diameters available. This high temperature hose made with heat resistant EPDM compound. Suitable for very hot water and anti-freeze coolants. Also available with EPDM/Silicone hi temperature blend compound, for higher temperature applications such as buses, trucks and off the road vehicles.

Furnace Door Hose

This hose designed as flexible connectors conveying coolant water to furnace doors. Available with Nomex or Fiberglass cover. Also available as non conductive hose for use on electrical furnaces or with stainless steel Armour Guard braids.

Cable Cover Hose

A wide variety of cable cover hoses are available. Kickless and welding cable covers for the automotive and appliance industries. Low volt hose or hi volt hose. Non conductive 10,000 volt construction available. As many as 15 inside diameters between 1'' and 2'' ID are available. i.e, 1-1/16'', 1- 15/16'', 1-11/16'' Large diameter Nomex or fiberglass covered electric furnace cable covers, along with the core hose, for steel industry.

Well Pointe Sleeves

Water drainage and dewatering systems pipe connectors, used for connecting aluminum pipe in dewatering operations. Mandrel made for perfect fit over aluminum tubing. Pipe sizes like 6-5/8'', 8-5/8 '', 10-3/4'' available. Perfectly cut to your required lengths.

Leaf Collector Hose

Extremely flexible hose with convoluted tube and corrugated cover to maximize flexibility. Tan natural rubber, pure gum tube. Made to order please specify lengths required and length of soft cuffs if other than standard.

Papermill Suction box

For suction box service at wet end of paper press in pulp and paper industry, where extreme flexibility, lateral deflection and contraction are so important. Convoluted inside tube. Supplied with soft cuffs. Made to order, vacuum rating should be specified when ordering or inquiring.

Oxygen Lancing Hose

For use in steel industry for oxygen lancing. Also shipbuilding yards for welding Applications. Green cover, branded '' FOR OXYGEN USE ONLY''. Available with Nomex or Fiberglass covering.


A blend of EPDM and Silicone compounds permitting both high temperatures and high working pressures because of utilization of Fiberglass tire cord reinforcements.While this compound was developed for radiator hose applications, with fiberglass reinforcement much higher pressures are now possible.

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Our Other Product Line Offerings

Custom Advanced carries a line of standard hoses to suit a variety of uses.

Chemical Resistance Guide

Use the chemical resistance guide below to help you determine which rubber is recommended to use based on your chemical application.

How to use this tool:

Type in the chemical, hit search, and the associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.

  1. Begin by typing in the chemical, make a selection from the predictive list, and hit search.
  2. The associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.
  3. Not sure which rubber is best for the chemical you are working with?
    Leave the rubber field blank and the guide will show you the recommended rubber to use.

To see a full table of resistance ratings for different chemicals, view our Printable Chemical Resistance Chart.

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