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Industrial Separating Screens

Custom Advanced specializes in industrial separating screens and separator replacement screens for many applications.

We can service companies in need of circular, rectangular or box style screen, Custom Advanced can take your measurements and requirements to make the replacement screen and all needed accessories.

Custom Advanced is also capable of replacing entire screening units.

The primary purpose of an industrial screener unit is to separate particles based on their size. This is achieved by passing a mixture of particles through a screen or mesh with specific openings. Smaller particles that fit through the openings will pass through, while larger particles are retained. This separation process is crucial in many industries, such as mining, aggregate production, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and recycling.

Particle Separator screens are typically constructed with a mesh or perforated plate, which allows the passage of particles of a specific size while retaining larger or smaller particles. The choice of screen design depends on the application requirements and the properties of the materials being processed.

Industrial screener units are often integrated into production lines to optimize process efficiency. By precisely separating particles and removing unwanted materials, these units enhance the overall workflow, reduce downstream processing requirements, and minimize waste generation. They can also help prevent equipment clogging or damage by removing larger particles that may cause blockages or interfere with subsequent machinery.



Refurbished Replacement Screens

We offer used and refurbished screens in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit your application. Please contact us if you would like a quote on used or refurbished screens.

Available Industrial Separating Screens

See the available screens and separating products we offer below:

  • Circular Separators

    Circular Separators

    Items to fit equipment manufactured by Sweco®, & Midwestern Industries® just name a few.

  • Rectangular Separators

    Rectangular Separators

    We offer a full line of replacement parts and accessories to handle your Rotex® or Sprout® rectangular gyratory separator needs.

  • Box Separators (Great Western-Style)

    Box Separators (Great Western-Style)

    We offer screens & accessories to fit equipment manufactured by Great Western®, Buehler® & more.

  • Additional Screen Types

    Additional Screen Types

    We supply a complete line of cylindrical/rotary screens and industrial hook screens. We can also create custom screens for your specific applications.

  • Woven Wire Cloth

    Woven Wire Cloth

    We stock a wide variety of wire mesh. We know downtime is always an issue and we make it a point to provide quick turnaround.

  • Test Sieves

    Test Sieves

    It is our goal to assist you with your application needs and to better serve our customers we now offer a full line test sieves.

  • Refurbished Screens & Separators

    Refurbished Screens & Separators

    If you don't want to pay list price for a new screener, contact Custom Advanced to inquire about our refurbished screens.

  • Replacement Parts & Motors

    Replacement Parts & Motors

    We are a stocking distributor for a variety of replacement screening accessories and screener parts

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