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Screens & Separating Products

Industrial Separating Screens

Custom Advanced specializes in industrial separating screens and separator replacement screens for many applications.

We can service companies in need of circular, rectangular, or box style screens, Custom Advanced can take your measurements and requirements to make the replacement screen and all needed accessories.

Custom Advanced is also capable of replacing entire screening units.

The primary purpose of an industrial screener unit is to separate particles based on their size. This is achieved by passing a mixture of particles through a screen or mesh with specific openings. Smaller particles that fit through the openings will pass through, while larger particles are retained. This separation process is crucial in many industries, such as mining, aggregate production, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and recycling.

Particle Separator screens are typically constructed with a mesh or perforated plate, which allows the passage of particles of a specific size while retaining larger or smaller particles. The choice of screen design depends on the application requirements and the properties of the materials being processed.

Industrial screener units are often integrated into production lines to optimize process efficiency. By precisely separating particles and removing unwanted materials, these units enhance the overall workflow, reduce downstream processing requirements, and minimize waste generation. They can also help prevent equipment clogging or damage by removing larger particles that may cause blockages or interfere with subsequent machinery.

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Refurbished Replacement Screens

We offer used and refurbished screens in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit your application. Please contact us if you would like a quote on used or refurbished screens.

Available Industrial Separating Screens

See the available screens and separating products we offer below:

Great customer service is our priority.

As a family-owned business, we treat every customer like a member of our own family. Our dedicated team is determined to go above and beyond to find the perfect product that suits your unique needs.

Industries Served

Custom Advanced caters to a number of industries and manufactures everything from chemical processing equipment to pipeline components. For over three decades, Custom Advanced Connections has delivered highly-durable, top-quality products to clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Throughout that time, we've established a prominent reputation for providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, so they can keep their enterprises going and growing.

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Our Other Product Line Offerings

Backed by a wealth of experience, we're your one-stop source for premium-quality industrial parts and products, whether you're looking for replacement components or brand new machinery. 


Use our informational resources as a guide to help you find the screen or separating product that best fits your application. Check out our new chemical resistance guide to easily view the resistance various rubbers have with thousands of different chemicals. 

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Looking for Replacement Parts? We’re Your Connection.

Custom Advanced Connections is a stocking distributor for a variety of replacement screening accessories and screener parts, including screener dust cover kits, screen gaskets, flex connectors; screen de–blinding and self-cleaning kits and perforated plates; Stainless Ball-Tray Kits; stainless steel and carbon steel screener frames, SWECO® eccentric motor weight kits; and direct drive SWECO® MOTORS.

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