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Custom Advanced caters to a number of industries and manufactures everything from chemical processing equipment to pipeline components. For over three decades, Custom Advanced Connections has delivered highly-durable, top-quality products to clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Throughout that time, we've established a prominent reputation for providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, so they can keep their enterprises going and growing.

We're ideally equipped to fulfill a wide array of industrial needs, whether it’s standard or customized products, bulk orders or custom one-off prototyping work. Our commitment to quality is equaled by our dedication to customer satisfaction, and we strive to consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations with every order.

At Custom Advanced Connections, we've spent over 30 years serving customers within an array of fields. Over this period, we've gained valuable insight into the challenges associated with specific industries, leaving us perfectly suited to deliver the right product at the right price in an efficient, timely manner.

Backed by a wealth of experience, we're your one-stop source for premium-quality industrial parts and products, whether you're looking for replacement components or brand new machinery. We're also dedicated to providing a superior customer service experience that will leave you feeling 100 percent valued and 100 percent satisfied.

  • Food Preparation

    Food Preparation

    From production to farming to distribution and packaging, the food prep and handling industry is committed to satisfying the needs of hungry consumers.

  • Chemical Processing

    Chemical Processing

    To efficiently produce the chemicals we need, plants depend on high quality separation equipment to facilitate chemical processing and enhance the quality of their products.

  • Transportation


    The transportation industry relies on critical components to facilitate the transportation of goods and services. We provide quality sealing products, custom gaskets and machined plastics.

  • Pipeline Components

    Pipeline Components

    Custom Advanced Connections provides superior pipeline components for clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • Fluid Sealing Products

    Fluid Sealing Products

    We deliver custom gaskets and sealing products to numerous customers within the railcar, OEM, industrial and petrochemical industries.

  • Oilfield Production Equipment

    Oilfield Production Equipment

    We serve our valued clients by providing highly durable, industrial-grade machined plastics for a variety of oilfield applications.

  • Valve Repair Services

    Valve Repair Services

    We're ideally equipped to fulfill a wide variety of ordering needs, whether you need standard valve components or specialized parts.

  • Marine Plastics

    Marine Plastics

    Custom Advanced Connections specializes in providing a broad selection of weather- and water- resistant components that are ideally suited for marine applications.

  • Semiconductor Plastics

    Semiconductor Plastics

    Custom Advanced Connections provides superior plastic components to our customers within the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

  • Electrical Plastic Parts

    Electrical Plastic Parts

    At Custom Advanced Connections, we specialize in providing industrial-quality electrical components for customers working within a variety of industries.

  • Pump Repair Service

    Pump Repair Service

    Custom Advanced Connections supplies premium-quality machined plastic parts to help keep your pump equipment working effectively.

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