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Railcar Plastic Components

The transportation industry relies on critical components to facilitate the transportation of goods and services. At Custom Advanced Connections, we provide quality sealing products, custom gaskets and machined plastics to help our clients keep their companies rolling, so they can meet the high demands of the customers they value so much.

Custom Advanced Connections has provided seals, parts, machined plastic valve repair kits and gaskets to our customers within the railcar industry at both the certified railcar repair facility and new car levels throughout North America for years.

We produce all kinds of repair kits for just about all makes of valves, including Hills McCanna, ACF, Union Tank Car, RegO, Midland, Jamesbury and more. We also cover a variety of valve parts, including vacuum relief, low profile, ball type, bottom outlet, top-operated bottom outlet and safety types.

Custom Advanced Connections manufactures custom and standard railcar gaskets in a wide array of materials and types to meet virtually any railcar requirement. This includes seat gasket, flat cut gaskets, and spiral wound gaskets, along with molded varieties, such as hatch cover insert gaskets; and, we stock all of these items at our Houston facility.

Railcar Components

Among the railcar components we carry include:

  • Gaskets & Complete Gasket Custom Sets
  • Bottom Outlet Valve Components
  • Railcar Hatch Cover Gaskets
  • Material Selection and Compatibility Assistance
  • Torque Tables, Complete Installation Documentation
  • Replacement PTFE Valve Repair Kits

At Custom Advanced Connections, we're fully equipped to provide solutions for our customers within the transportation industry, whether they need railcar components or some other type of machine part. We're also happy to provide any specialized or customized packaging or handling services, including installation documentation, customer-specified color coding, black bagging, material traceability information, torque tables, customer-specified part numbering and individual labeling.

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