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Single & Double Jacketed Gaskets

Custom Advanced Connections is your source for quality single and double jacketed gaskets. Backed by 30 years of experience, we've earned a top reputation as a reliable partner for companies that demand premium, cost-competitive sealing products, which will hold up to the rigorous associated with their particular industries.


Jacketed gaskets combine the sealing performance of soft filler with the temperature resistance of a metal jacket. The filler and jacket materials are selected to optimize chemical and temperature performance, and the construction style is typically dictated based on sealing issues, gasket geometry and pressure needs.


Single-jacketed gaskets are widely used in engine and air tool applications where seating surfaces are narrow, space is limited and relatively low compressive forces are available. Double-jacketed gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications. They're also often used in standard flanges where service is less critical. Because the vast majority of double-jacketed gaskets are made custom, there's essentially no limit to potential shape, size or configuration.


Let Custom Advanced deliver quality single and double jacketed gaskets tailored to meet your individual requirements. We're dedicated to providing specialized service to all our clients, because we understand each one faces unique challenges and budget restrictions. Contact our office with your ordering needs and we'll provide you with an affordable quote and timely product delivery.

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