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Chemical Processing & Handling Equipment

Chemicals play huge role in the development of critical products that meet our most fundamental needs for health, shelter and food. To efficiently produce the chemicals we need, plants depend on high quality separation equipment to facilitate chemical processing and enhance the quality of their products.

Chemical Separation Equipment

At Custom Advanced Connections, we specialize in providing top-tier separation equipment for chemical handling in plants and refineries. Our superior processing equipment helps our customers maintain their commitment to quality, whether they need to protect up stream process equipment, obtain accurate particle size distributions or safeguard product quality.

We've accumulated years of experience serving clients within the chemical processing industry, and this time has given us a thorough understanding of our customers' diverse and complex needs. All chemicals - whether in the form of slurry, liquid, suspension, granule or powder - are produced through basic processes, such as grinding, milling, mixing, dispersion or reaction. More often than not, chemical companies require separation equipment after each one of these processes, as a form of quality assurance or to correct or refine chemical products before they continue down the chain of production.

Custom Advanced Connections is proud to play a key role in helping our customers meet their high goals by delivering the industry’s finest separation equipment for chemical plants and refineries. Whether you need separation solutions for liquid chemicals, chemical powders or some other product or process, we can help.

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