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Custom Material Handling Hoses

Our custom material handling hoses include Drybulk (softwall) Discharge, Dredge Sleeves, Industrial Vacuum Hoses, Material Conducting Hoses, and more. All of our material handling hoses are hand built and can be custom-made to fit your exact application!

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Material Handling Hoses We Offer

Drybulk (softwall) Discharge

An exceptionally abrasion-resistant natural rubber tube compound designed to give long service life. This hose is used for truck and train car unloading of abrasive products such as dry cement, silica, salt and fertilizers.

Dredge Sleeves

Designed to resist the rugged conditions incurred during dredging operations. Thick abrasive resistant (wet sand slurry) pure gum rubber tube. Multi plies to minimize kinking. Used as flexible connectors on steel pipe line. Available in enlarged ends, plain ends, or built-in fittings.

Industrial Vacuum Hose

Designed for use where flimsy air ducting hose is not suitable. Built with tube rubber compound to suit many applications. Pure Gum, abrasives resistant black compound, oil and gas resistant Nitrile. Also available with EPDM Tube & Cover suitable for Acid & chemical exhaust fumes.

Material Conducting Hose

A wide range of hoses are available for use in the mining industry, chemical industry and the pulp & paper industry. These hoses are generally hand built for specific applications, with tube thickness of ½", 3/8", ½", or up to 1" thick. Inside diameters from 2" to 40" ID. Some of the various ends available are built in nipples and flanges, built in nipples (vic grooved), built on rubber flanges, built on beaded ends, enlarged ends, soft cuffs, built in rubber lined nipples.

Split Flange Material Conducting

Split flange couplings are bolted on the outside of this hose. The corrugated cover of our hose matches the inside design of the split flanges ensuring exceptional holdability while not obstructing the flow of the abrasive materials inside the hose. Abrasive resistant rubber tube and suitable reinforcement to permit 150 psi working pressure up to 6" ID. This hose eliminates the need for exact length inventory, with built in couplings. Standard sizes available up to 16" ID.

Gunite Hose

Soft Tan pure gum rubber tube gives maximum flexibility for guniting application, in swimming pools, high hydro dams, tunneling and refracting steel furnaces. Available with static conducting wires. Also available with black special high abrasion resistant rubber, which is static conducting tube.

Sandblast Hose

A very flexible, non kinking hose with exceptional ware resistance. Static conducting rubber tube compound dissipates static. Premier's sandblast hose is hand made, ensuring very close outside diameter tolerances to eliminate coupling blow off as a result of undersize hose. Can also be used in shotcrete applications.

Plaster Hose

Flexible and lightweight for ease of handling. Spiral tire cord construction minimizes kinking. Exceptionally smooth tube makes clean up easy.

Elephant Trunk Hose

Very flexible hose designed for use where gravity flow of dry bulk products or wet concrete with no pressure. Fabric embedded helps prevent tearing. Also used as vibration dampners in air conditioning ducts. Available in diameters up to 40" inside diameter.

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Our Other Product Line Offerings

Custom Advanced carries a line of standard hoses to suit a variety of uses.

Chemical Resistance Guide

Use the chemical resistance guide below to help you determine which rubber is recommended to use based on your chemical application.

How to use this tool:

Type in the chemical, hit search, and the associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.

  1. Begin by typing in the chemical, make a selection from the predictive list, and hit search.
  2. The associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.
  3. Not sure which rubber is best for the chemical you are working with?
    Leave the rubber field blank and the guide will show you the recommended rubber to use.

To see a full table of resistance ratings for different chemicals, view our Printable Chemical Resistance Chart.

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