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Viton Extruded Tubing

Viton Extruded Tubing

We carry Viton compounds A, B & F to fit applications where Viton is the only elastomer that will handle specific chemicals. Viton extruded tubing is great for many fluid resistance or high-temperature applications. Viton extruded tubing is commonly used in the oil & gas or chemical processing industries but has many other applications. Please contact us as your preferred viton extruded tubing supplier and we will be able to recommend the best compound suited for your application.

Viton Extruded Tubing Specifications

Viton AGeneral Purpose, high temperature and fluid resistant
Viton BGeneral Purpose, high temperature and fluid resistant. Slightly improved stability over the "A" family (ask about our Peristaltic Pump Compound also!)
Viton FExceptional resistance to property degradation that would usually have severe effect on other fluoroelastomers
AflasImproved resistance to higher pH type fluids (Available in cord stock only, no tubing in this compound)

Most of our compounds are available in black, blue, brown, green red yellow and white and carry a durometer from 60 - 90 duro (Shore A). FDA Viton Available in black or white compounds. We are also able to extrude profile shapes, o-ring cord, strips and square.

Have questions about which chemicals can be used with viton extruded tubing?

Visit our chemical resistance tool for help! Chemical Resistance Calculator

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