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Chemical Transfer & Acid Resistant Hose

Acid and chemical hoses must be highly protective for materials, equipment and the environment. Custom Advanced carries a variety of chemical hose and acid hose options.

Chemical Hoses we offer:


Multipurpose flexible chemical acid conducting hoses are mainly for chemical, paper industries, agricultural purposes and for industrial mining. However, they are not suitable for oil and gasoline industries.


Hypalon is a reliable and good acid and chemical synthetic rubber compound which can resist a great number of tough acids and highly resolute chemicals.

Pure Gum

Pure Gum chemical and acid hoses have the flexibility to meet all the corrosive conditions. Pure Gum chemical hoses are also an old reserve in the plating industry.

Cross Linked Polyethylene

Cross Linked Polyethylene is a favorite among road transporters and rail haulers because of its economical price and ability to handle a very large variety of chemical and acids. While using our Cross Linked Polyethylene hoses, temperature must be measured before use. If the hose is at the incorrect temperature, it can be damaged. Translucent XLPE acid resistant tube, EPDM cover.

UHM Polyethylene

UHM Polyethylene is an excellent Chemical and Acid Conducting Hose, particularly when abrasive products are being used. These hoses have a better abrasion resistance than polyurethane, nylons and stainless steel. Be sure to verify the correct temperature before using these hoses.


Viton is built to transmit hydrocarbons and highly aromatic fluids. Appropriate for well over 90% of recognized acids and chemicals, Viton is an excellent hose choice for haulers. Permits working on higher temperature and flexible than other metal hoses.

Chloro Butyl

Chloro Butyl has an outstanding resistance to high temperatures, access, and a wide collection of corrosive chemicals. Available in black or white.

Acid Hoses Available With:

  • Built in rubber flanges
  • Beaded ends
  • Built in stainless steel nipples and flanges
  • Enlarged ends
  • Soft cuffs

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