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Tealon™ Gaskets

Custom Advanced Connections is your source for top-quality Tealon™ gaskets. Over the decades, we've established strong partnerships with countless customers, who rely on us for their gasket and sealing needs. We're well-equipped to serve clients across multiple industries, whether they need bulk standard orders or customized service.

Tealon™ is a restructured polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material developed for petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and chemical plants. The primary advantage of Tealon™ gaskets over ordinary PTFE gaskets is their exceptional resistance to distortion (creep, relaxation and cold flow). 

Tealon™is a high-quality, unique gasket material that provides excellent torque retention and sealing performance. It's appropriate for applications associated with high temperatures and pressures, especially in chemical and hydrocarbon plants, which expose gaskets to chlorine, steam, water, solvents, hydrocarbons and powerful acids. Tealon™ gaskets also meet stringent environmental protection requirements.

At Custom Advanced, we're dedicated to providing premium Tealon™ gaskets and sealing products for our valued customers. We also, stock numerous other materials and items that are sure to meet your demand for quality, reliability and value.

Contact our office with your specifications, and we'll happily provide a quote and answer any of your important questions.


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