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Food Processing Hoses

Flour Suction

Designed with a smooth white natural FDA rubber tube to resist abrasion where abrasion is involved. For both suction and discharge of edible food products, such as flour, sugar, beans and other abrasive foods. Corrugated cover with double helix wire makes an extremely flexible hose.

Flour Discharge

Premium quality discharge hose used for conveying flour and other edible food products under pressure where portability is a consideration. Smooth white FDA natural rubber tube.

Brewers Suction

A premium quality brewers suction hose designed for full vacuum. Extremely smooth tube, will not harbor bacteria, ease of cleaning and will not impart taste. Meets FDA requirements.

Brewers Discharge

A premium quality hose designed for conveying beer, without imparting taste. Extremely smooth tube ensures easy cleaning and elimination of bacteria build up. 2, 4, 6, plies available on request. Meets FDA requirements.

Milk Suction

Extremely Flexible premium quality milk delivery hose suitable for milk and other edible liquids containing fats or vegtable oils under vacuum or pressure. Made with smooth white FDA synthetic rubber tube. Meets 3A sanitary standards.

Milk Discharge

Fat and vegetable oil resistant smooth white FDA synthetic rubber tube ensures long life. Lightweight, yet high burst pressures, contributes to good portability. Meets 3A sanitary standards.

Potable Water Discharge

A mirror smooth, clean white synthetic rubber compound especially compounded so as not to impart taste. Tube meets FDA requirements. Primary use is for temporary hook ups during municipal water line repairs and potable water delivery.

Fish Suction Hose

A very flexible hose designed with two helix steel wires embedded, with a corrugated cover to maximize flexibility. Specially compounded natural rubber tube designed to resist cutting action of fish being unloaded from ship holds, nets and barges.

Food Plant Washdown Hose

A premium quality washdown hose, designed to withstand rough usage in the food and fish industry. Meets FDA requirements. Extremely flexible hose, spiral wound high tensile tire cord construction which minimizes kinking. Also available with Built on rubber nozzles.

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