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Viton® Gaskets & Seals

Custom Advanced Connections is your one-stop source for high-quality Viton® gaskets and sealing products. By providing the industry's best products and service, we've earned a strong reputation as a reliable, cost-effective partner for companies throughout a wide variety of industries.

Viton® (fluorocarbon elastomer) is a high-performance rubber compound, well-known for its incredible resistance to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, oils, fuels and concentrated acids. It’s the most specified fluoroelastomer for fuel system O-rings, hoses, seals and gaskets. It's also extremely durable and well suited to endure the rigors associated with fluid exchange devices and caustic environments.

Viton® rubber gaskets extend the thermal resistance of most mid-performance elastomers. They also have superior resistance to intense heat, chemicals, aromatics, fuels, mineral oil, oxygen, ozone, synthetic hydraulic fluids and many organic solvents. Viton® rubber also exhibits exceptional resistance to sun, weather, mold, fungus and atmospheric oxidation, making it an optimal choice for a wide spectrum of applications.

At Custom Advanced, we're proud to offer superior Viton® gaskets to our valued customers. In addition to quality Viton® products, we stock numerous other gaskets and sealing products. Contact our office with your ordering needs. We'll provide your with a fast quote and answer any questions you might have about our material stock and production capabilities.

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