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Gylon® Sheets

The Garlock family of GYLON® products has evolved over the years with a focus on quality to meet and exceed customer expectations. The use of Employee Involvement, Statistical Process Control, Vendor Assurance Programs, and a continuous improvement philosophy guarantees end users the highest quality products available.

Testing is performed regularly on all styles and thicknesses to ensure the consistency of Garlock quality in GYLON® sheets. Quality American-made products, 41 years of experience, on-time delivery and value-added service programs, all are reasons why the GYLON® family of products has become such a major sealing component in industry today.

There is no doubt that demands will change in the future. But one thing is certain— Garlock will continue to answer those changes and demands with products that are innovative and timely. GYLON®, a name you can trust and a complete family of products to choose from for your gasketing needs.

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