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Replacement Parts & Motors

Custom Advanced Connections is a stocking distributor for a variety of replacement screening accessories and screener parts, including screener dust cover kits, screen gaskets, flex connectors; screen de–blinding and self-cleaning kits and perforated plates; Stainless Ball-Tray Kits; stainless steel and carbon steel screener frames, Sweco™ eccentric motor weight kits; and direct drive Sweco™ MOTORS.

We typically stock for same-day shipping for items such as 213T Frame Sweco™ MOTORS, cleaner rings, stainless steel Sweco™ clamp band assemblies (from 18" through 72" diameters), along with every size of sifter flex connectors.

In many cases, our screener parts and accessories are universal replacements for the top separator brands, including Derrick™, Gyramax™, Rotex™, Russell-Finex™, Thermal Engineering (TEA™), Midwestern™, and Sweco™.

Custom-fabricated frame weldments and replacement separator parts are typically available within a few days after you place an order.

  • Sweco™ Style Slider Rings
  • Perforated Self-Cleaning Kits
  • Ultrasonic High Frequency De–blinding Systems
  • Cluster Slider Cleaners (Honeycombs)
  • Ball Tray Frames with rubber cleaner balls
  • Lexan™ See-Through Dust cover Kits
  • Scalping Frames; Diverter Frames
  • Low Profile, High-Capacity Center Discharge Sifters
  • Sweco™ Table Frames; Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
  • Flex Connectors, Bellows Flex Boots, Smooth Wall Rubber flex Boots
  • Sweco™ Spacing Frames; Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
  • Sweco™ Distributing Frames; Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
  • Sweco™ Clamp Bands, Standard, Quick Release / Over–Center Style
  • Sweco™ Dust Cover Kits; Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, "See–Thru " Style, Flexible Neoprene
  • 2–1/2HP, 213T Frame 48" & 60" Sweco™ Style Screener Motor; 230/460 Volt, 1200 & 1800 RPM
  • 5 Horsepower 72” Sweco™ style motor
  • 1/2HP Direct Drive 30" Sweco™ Style Screener Motor; 230/460 Volt, 1200 & 1800 RPM
  • Motor Wedges
  • Plastic Center Tie-Down Cone with stainless stud and hardware
  • Replacement Eccentric Weight Kits
  • Full 2–Year Factory Warranty
  • Automatic Lube Systems and Replacement Grease Cartridges
  • Re-built Sweco™ Motors


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