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Fluid Sealing Products

With more than 60 years of sealing and gasket product experience, Custom Advanced Connections is well equipped to provide superior fluid sealing devices to customers across a range of industries. For decades, we've delivered custom gaskets and sealing products to numerous customers within the railcar, OEM, industrial and petrochemical industries.

Custom Gaskets & Sealers

Whether you need premium-quality gaskets, pump and valve packing, custom rubber molded parts, O-rings or sheet and strip materials, you'll find the right sealing solutions for your individual requirements.

At Custom Advanced Connections, we strive to exceed our customers' high expectations, and we have the necessary knowledge and experience to meet this goal. Our custom die making abilities and in-house design allow us to deliver the right product at the right price in an efficient, timely manner.

We can provide competitive prices and fast turnaround times to meet virtually any sealing need, whether it's related to a small production run involving exotic materials and customized shapes or large volume, standard size gaskets.

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Contact our office with your gasket and sealing products inquiry. We're always happy to provide a product quote or answer any questions you may have about our quality fluid sealing devices.

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