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HT-930 Exhaust Hose

HT-930 High Temperature Hose

HT-930 Hose Construction:

  • External helix: galvanized steel
  • Hose wall: special coated high-temperature fabric, asbestos-free, laminated with high grade steel foil.

HT-930 Temperature Range:

  • -75°F up to 930°F
  • Intermittent to 1020°R

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Hose Properties:

  • External steel helix protects against abrasion
  • Flame resistant
  • Flexible, compressibility 1:2
  • Gas-tight in low pressure applications
  • Good vacuum-resistance
  • Small bend radius
  • Special clamping method guarantees high tensile strength between hose material and external helix
  • Very high temperature resistance

Common Applications:

  • Engine construction
  • Exhaust-fume extraction from high performance test beds in the motor vehicle industries
  • Fume exhaustion in overpressure applications
  • Vehicle construction

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