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CarFlex Super Exhaust Fume Hose

CarFlex Super Exhaust Fume Hose

CarFlex Super Hose Construction:

  • Spiral: plastic helical section
  • Hose wall: polyester fabric, coated with EPDM/PP

CarFlex Super Temperature Range:

  • o°F up to 300°F
  • Intermittent to 300°F

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Hose Properties:

  • Can be driven over repeatedly
  • Compressible down to 1:2
  • Excellent resilience properties
  • Extra strength
  • Flame resistant
  • Extremely flexible
  • Good flow characteristics
  • High resistance to mechanical loadings
  • High tensile and burst strength
  • Reinforced by plastic spiral
  • Small Bend radius
  • Super lightweight
  • Welded construction

Common Applications:

  • All usual suction extraction systems such as: hose reel slotted channels abovefloor and underfloor suction extraction
  • Average stress when extracting exhaust gas from spark ignition or diesel engines
  • Exhaust gas hose which can be driven over repeatedly
  • Suction extraction of exhaust gases up to +300F when suction funnels are used properly

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