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Complete Units

Complete Screener Units

Industrial screening machines separate one material from another in a mechanical process. Manufacturers use screening equipment to separate or filter raw material into finer grades. Custom Advanced provides complete screener units in various sizes and configurations.

Complete screener units are pre-assembled. They include stainless steel tables and frames, tangential discharge spouts, motors with counterweights, clamp rings, and hardware. Optional parts include additional frames for multi-screen setups, de-blinding products, locking casters, and stainless steel, fabric, or plastic covers. 

Completed screener units can be configured with one or more screens to perform multi-part separations and classifications. Screens are available in varying mesh sizes or perforations to accommodate the raw materials they process. 

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What Are Applications for Screener Units? 

Industrial screening machines can separate various sizes of materials, such as rocks and sand. They can also separate: 

  • Cold and hot materials 
  • Wet and dry materials 
  • Light and heavy materials 
  • Crude materials and final products 

Complete screener units can also separate solids and liquids. 

Complete Screener Units from Custom Advanced 

Custom Advanced provides all the components required for filtering and separating applications, including screens, accessories, and complete screener units. Request a quote today for your next screener equipment purchase. 

What Industries Use Screener Units? 

Any industry that turns raw material into a product may need screener equipment. 

Food Preparation 

Food manufacturers use screener units to clean, sort, sift, and separate raw materials. Examples include: 

  • Separating and de-dusting seeds and nuts 
  • Screening corn kernels 
  • Removing chaff, stems, and straw from grains 
  • Sorting sugar crystals 
  • Separating solid materials from cooking grease 

Screener units also sort pet food, candy, and other pieces according to size. 

Mining and Mineral Processing 

Mining, mineral processing, and aggregate industries commonly use screener units. Different material sizes have various applications, and these industries use complete screener units to sort rocks and gravel by size to ensure uniformity. 

Abrasive Material Manufacturers 

Companies that manufacture abrasive materials for etching, scrubbing, and sanding use screener units to sort and separate raw materials. 

The final product's ability to perform a task depends on the size and texture of the abrasive. Screeners can ensure product quality, uniformity, and consistency by sorting out nonstandard particles. 


Agricultural companies use screener units to remove dust and water from fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and grains. Screeners can also separate sand, mulch, and soil. 

Fertilizer Manufacturing 

Companies that produce fertilizer use completed screener units to separate unqualified powder or pellets for re-grinding or crushing. This process reduces waste and ensures a consistent finished product. 

Chemical Resistance Guide

Use the chemical resistance guide below to help you determine which rubber is recommended to use based on your chemical application.

How to use this tool:

Type in the chemical, hit search, and the associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.

  1. Begin by typing in the chemical, make a selection from the predictive list, and hit search.
  2. The associated resistance ratings will automatically populate.
  3. Not sure which rubber is best for the chemical you are working with?
    Leave the rubber field blank and the guide will show you the recommended rubber to use.

To see a full table of resistance ratings for different chemicals, view our Printable Chemical Resistance Chart.

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