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Flamex Lightweight Material Hose

Flamex L Hose

Flamex Lightweight Material Hose Construction:

  • Hose Wall: 100% pure polyester polyurethane with addition of flame protection. 30% more abrasion-resistant than polyether polyurethane.
  • Spiral: PU-coated spring steel wire
  • Wall Thickness: .0275"

Flamex Lightweight Hose Temperature Range:

  • -40°F up to 195°°F
  • Intermittent to 260°F

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Flamex Lightweight Material Hose Properties:

  • Conforms to the requirements of the German woodworking Association
  • Electrically conductive by grounding spiral
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Free of plastecizers and halogens
  • Good resistance to oil and petroleum vapors
  • High tensile and burst strength
  • Highly flexible
  • Kink-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Small bend radius
  • Smooth inside, for optimum flow characteristics
  • Symmetrical bending
  • UV- and ozone-resistant

Flamex Lightweight Hose Common Applications:

  • Exhaust equipment in wood-working industries
  • Protection hose against mechanical damage
  • Transport hose for abrasive solids in fire risk areas
  • Woodworking machines

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